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collecting CC details

0ad0ad Member
in General edited September 2008
hi guys, my client has asked for the checkout to ask for 'cc start date' and 'cc issue number' when collecting cc details, is this something you can add please?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hey 0ad.
    I think I preface all my comments to you with this, but here goes again: I love your designs.

    This question is probably related to debit cards, yes?

    Please vote for it here:

    It's become an increasingly urgent request for many of our UK users, and it's towards the top of our list, so... we don't have a date yet, but we know it's important and we've started building some of the pieces to handle debit cards.

    Your client is doing offline processing, though (right?), so you should be able to add some custom fields to the checkout and then reposition them using some quick jQuery. That'll at least help you fake it in the meantime. Only potential problem would be with the automatic email receipts then passing that information on. You could use the custom email receipt script if you needed to deal with that:

    I hope that helps in the meantime, even if it's not the ideal answer right now.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    PS: You might want to modify the Flash detection on the fifi & ally site to detect >=8. I have the Flash Player v10 beta and it wasn't detecting it.
  • thank you sir,

    i dont recall you giving my designs the "bigs up" - foxy stuff always looks pretty tight, so youve made my day.

    custom fields was my first thought (search forum was second, although i missed that previous decussion).

    uk debit cards has a massive 2 votes now - its like the eurovision song contest all over again.

    continued gratitude

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