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Post Paypal Fees in FoxyCart admin?

kscotbarrkscotbarr Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited September 2008
Currently the FoxyCart admin does not display the fees that are being charged by Paypal per transaction. Is it possible to add this?

Also, I'm assuming that transactions will only post to FoxyCart if they are successfully processed in Paypal, correct?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I don't think we'll ever add the fees deducted by PayPal (or any other gateway), for a few reasons:
    - The FoxyCart transaction history is what actually went through FoxyCart. Beyond FoxyCart it really doesn't concern itself with.
    - The fees can change. With PayPal, you get reduced rates once you hit certain thresholds.
    - There are multiple rate plans. For example, PayPal has a 5% + $0.05 plan.
    - Beyond PayPal, most systems deduct the % on the merchant account, which FoxyCart doesn't interact with at all. FoxyCart talks to the gateway, which then batch settles to the merchant account where the fees are deducted. So there's no way to make it happen in that situation.

    Also, FoxyCart doesn't handle refunds or voids or partial refunds or chargebacks or etc., and once we start down that road it becomes a fairly impossible task to effectively duplicate the functionality provided by all the gateways we integrate with.

    I hope that helps. I'm assuming you're asking because you're sorting out your accounting? The best thing to do is go off of the actual account with the money, and if you're really concerned you could set up a separate account for the FoxyCart transactions.

    As far as payments being successfully processed:
    - If a payment errors, FoxyCart will display the error to the customer and will not process the checkout. ie. If they enter a bogus card #, it won't accept it.
    - If a payment goes through successfully, but has a problem later, FoxyCart is unaware. I've never experienced this personally, but it could happen. (If you manually void/refund a transaction, if the customer argues the charge and you get a chargeback, etc.)

    Does that help?
  • I guess I thought that the Paypal API would give the ability to post back the deducted amount - FoxyCart wouldn't have to calculate it but simply report it from the information sent back from Paypal.

    We can live without this, so it's not a huge deal.

    Thanks for the response.
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