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Tax - State vs County

jwghcjwghc Member
in Help edited April 2012
I am testing my site now and I realize that it is charging double tax because I have it set for California (7.25) tax and also Orange County (7.75) tax.

CA State (7.25%): $1.09
Orange County city (7.75%): $1.16

How can I make sure this doesn't happen? How can I set it to charge Orange County tax when in Orange County and California when it is outside of Orange County?

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey jwghc. Just set up Orange County as the difference (i.e. 0.5%).

    Where about in Orange Country? I grew up in Huntington Beach. :)

    You'll have to setup a tax for each city name. Worth noting, our next release will have zip-code based tax lookups which should help in these types of situations as well.
  • jwghcjwghc Member
    @luke thank you so much! My mind should have jumped to that conclusion. And I am noting the next release as I am sure there are some great and requested additions.

    We are in south OC and love every second of it...well except for the tax ;)
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