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The "Why we don't give public timelines" Answer

brettbrett FoxyCart Team
in Important News edited September 2008
I just figured now would be a nice time to let everybody know why we never give timelines or estimates on functionality.

We actually pushed our forever-in-coming, hotly anticipated v0.4.0 out this week... for about 20 minutes ;)

Then we discovered a serious "bug". (We just plain forgot to bring the Quantum gateway code up to the new structure.) It was short lived, nobody noticed, and there were no disasters. But that's why we don't let you all know, "It's going to be here on Monday!"

We've been super close to releasing it almost every day this week, but we keep finding little things that prevent us. Today we spent hours thinking our FedEx implementation was completely broken, when it turns out it was FedEx (again; don't get me started on FedEx). (FYI, we're doing heavy monitoring of the FedEx requests and responses on our servers to diagnose their now-you-see-it-now-you-don't behavior.)

So... there isn't really a point except to say that we're close to 0.4.0, but we don't want to disappoint, and it's a major release for us so we want it to be as solid as possible. And next time somebody asks for an estimate of when something will be done I'll probably send them here.

Or maybe I'll refer to how long MODx 0.9.7/1.0/Revolution has been coming "soon" ;) Doing something right takes time. Then it takes more time when you realize it's still not "right" enough ;)
  • <gripe> Actually, if your not, then I'm going to get started on FedEx, as they have thoroughly annoyed me too - take this advice, try and avoid calling their 'support' team at all costs, they're as lousy as PayPal's - never properly following up on emails or returning your calls - I made a few calls in the UK for the Foxy team and they weren't even aware that their API system down down! </gripe>

    I hope the Foxy team knows that my business really respects and appreciates their hard work, but I thought I'd just chime in on this one and make my appreciation more vocal.

    Can't wait for 0.4.0 - its going to be awesome.

    That is all ;)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We added some more error logging to the FedEx system that should show up in your store error log. Hopefully that will help some.

    As for 0.4.0... most of the changes will actually be transparent (hopefully) to everyone. It's a massive rewrite behind of the scenes. It will have coupons and language customizations though, so that's at least something. Thanks for being patient. :)
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