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MODx Revo Validation Plugin

blevayblevay Member
in General edited April 2012
Hi all,

In a current project i'm working on i was in need of setting up validation in MODx Revolution (2.2.0-pl2 specifically), and so I did a quick update of the Evo plugin part of the package. I thought some other folks might find this useful, so here it is. At this point i've only done the basic "it doesn't not work" testing so no guarantees!
 * FoxyCart Validation Plugin for MODx 2.x (Revolution)
 * @author Bryan Levay at Darkstar Design // //
 * @version 0.1
 * @example
 * Requirements:
 *   - Form "code" values should not have leading or trailing whitespace.
 *   - Cannot use double-pipes in an input's name
 *   - Empty textareas are assumed to be "open"
if (empty($results)) $results = array();

switch ($modx->event->name) {
	case "OnWebPagePrerender":
		$validate = $modx->getOption('base_path').'assets/plugins/foxycart_validation/foxycart.cart_validation.php';
		if (file_exists($validate)) {
			$doc = $modx->resource->_output;
			$modx->resource->_output = FoxyCart_Helper::fc_hash_html($doc);
	default:  // stop here
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