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Problems with shipping cost not being added...

flinx777flinx777 Member
in Help edited April 2012
My client has been having a problem that has shown up twice now. On checkout, sometimes shipping is free and there is no charge being added. What we are seeing is this on the receipt when the products sold are being listed out:

Update Your Customer Information
Category: 1 $0.00 ($0.00 each)

They do a lot of volume in products and this shows up about once a month.

Is there some known issue that displays like this?
  • lancelance Member, Community Support Member
    Can you provide a link to the store where you are seeing this?

    Is there ever a case in which shipping should be free?

    Also, if you want, you can whisper me links to the two receipts where you are seeing this so I can see if anything jumps out at me there.

  • Hey Lance,

    I just whispered all the info you requested.

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Flinx. Looks like this is a store on version 071. I think we fixed a bug in 072 related to update info requests that now ensures the user can't continue with the same session and add products to the cart. That appears to be what is happening here. Can you upgrade the store?
  • @luke...thanks for that info. I'll update the store to 072 and let you know if we continue seeing that bug.

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