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072: Coupon amount per price fix released today

lukeluke FoxyCart Team
in Help edited April 2012
We just pushed up a fix for an issue where a coupon may be configured to apply to one category, but the discount applied is greater than the amount in that category. The discount would then spill over to products from other categories (that are not valid for that discount).


discount string: 1-80 configured for category DEFAULT.
$60 Product A from category DEFAULT
$20 Product B from category sale
$-80 is taken from Product A with $-20 left over... which makes Product B free.

Now, the discount in category DEFAULT is confined to that category only and the total is correctly shown as $20.

We try not to make changes to existing store versions, but in this case we believe the fix is constrained to this specific case. We're posting this notice just in case you notice anything strange with price-based coupon discounts.
  • Hi, I have a variation of this bug happening. I setup a quantity_amount coupon of 2-33 that is only applicable a category (let's call it test2). Now if I go to the site and add 1 quantity from the test2 category and something from another category, it does not take the $33 off which is correct behavior. HOWEVER, let's say I add 2 of a $15 item in the test2 category (so $30 from that category) and something from the non-test2 category, it still takes the full $33 off, in effect applying the $3 to the non-test2 category item. (Does the way I wrote that make sense?)

    Is this something that can be addressed?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks Andreas. We'll take a look.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for posting @Andreas. We just rolled out a fix that should solve this problem for quantity based discounts as well. Because we don't like making changes to live store versions, we constrained this original fix to be as specific as possible. In the next release, we'll be looking into this issue in more detail to see if it may be showing up for other discount types as well.
  • Thanks @Luke
  • Oh, I didn't realize you guys fixed this bug already! Thanks!! You guys rock
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