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Uh…How do I add a category discount?

charlie_mezakcharlie_mezak Member
in Help edited April 2012
I feel like I shouldn't have to ask this, but how do I apply a category discount? I think I've read through all of the relevant documentation, but I don't see any explicit instruction about how to apply the discount to the cart.
Quantity discounts can be applied in two ways: specific to a product, or specific to a category (or categories). If a discount is added to the cart with a product, then the quantity discount will apply to that product and that product only. This is often desired for items that may be ordered in bulk, like screws or other hardware. If a discount is set at the category level, the discount will apply across all the products in the category equally, so category-based discounts work best when the category contains similarly priced items.

It seems pretty clear that I can add a product discount as a parameter in the add-to-cart form on my site, but it's totally unclear how I add a category discount. Can someone give me a nudge in the right direction?
  • Damnit. As usual, I found a big clue just as I asked the question.

    I see that I can set category discounts in the admin section of the foxycart site. I had thought that I would add the discount to the cart from my site.

    Which brings me to a new question:

    The discount I want to apply is for customers who have a subscription to another one of my products. I can track which customers have that subscription easily through the FC API, but I need to be able to apply this discount only for those customers. The discount is also based on quantity within the category, so I don't think I can apply the discount on a per product basis.

    Does that mean that I need to create a new product category for this discount and set the product category of the products in the cart based on whether the customer is a subscriber? That seems odd, because it's only the discount that differs between the two product categories. But perhaps that's the only way.

    Sorry I keep stumbling around here. I wish some things in the documentation were much more explicit.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Glad you found your answer there! If there is anything in our documentation that you think could use some extra information or is confusing definitely let us know, we're always looking for ways to improve our documentation. Note that the wiki is also publicly editable so if you think you have something to add, feel free to add it!

    With your second question, essentially what you described there is what you'd want to do. Setup a category that includes the discount for specific customers, and if those customers are logged in, change the add to cart links to add with the separate category. Unfortunately you can't specify criteria with discounts such as "only apply if this parameter is included with products in this cart".
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