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Looks like I'm first.

Soundbug2 is (probably) the worlds smallest wireless stereo speaker system. Bugs measure a bit over 2" x 2" x 1". In their pouch the kit is smaller than a paperback book. Handy for traveling where space is a premium. Site is built using Django hosted by the wonderful webfaction, at some point I'll try and use the DataFeeds to send information to a Django database table.

Soundbug2 Portable Wireless Stereo Speakers
(might as well get some keywords in).

Uses Foxycart to get Shipping and Tax issues handled (shipping also uses some custom javascript). We've used Coupons recently too. The very pretty cart and one page checkout is the ace though.

We complicated matters a bit by using our own custom domain ( rather than . This to give a big shop feel and reduce any risk of confusion with the domain change (unlikely I think). It all got fairly complicated when we also wanted an Extended Validation SSL. Gets a bit tricky. Not sure if the "Green Bar of Confidence" is worth the extra complications and expense.

Hope you like the site.

Stuart (Parthian)
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    Hey Stuart,

    Thanks for posting (and being the first!) and giving some feedback of your experience of setting up the site!
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