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Remove one coupon code variation from list?

AndreasAndreas Member
in Help edited April 2012

We are running a deal with - a groupon like site. They are selling a coupon code to our site so I had to create 11,000 variants of the code. All is running well except for a couple of people who couldn't find the place to enter coupon code (so far only 3). 2 of them were OK cancelling their order and placing a new one, however there was 1 person who could just NOT figure it out - even with us walking them through it. So we kept her full-price order and manually credited her card the value of the coupon. How can I either mark the code as used or delete it? I am afraid to delete it because I don't want to affect the other 1099 coupons.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thats a good question. If a particular coupon code has been handed out, you could simply alter the specific coupon code variation in the edit mode for that coupon so that it can't be used again. The other option would be to run through an order yourself and refund/void it after it's completed.

    I'm not sure that we currently have a way to mark a coupon code as used, but that is an interesting idea - being able to mark an individual code as used if it isn't yet used, or not used if it is.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    I think Adam's suggestion of running through a temp order makes sense, or you could setup a test store and play with the coupons there to make sure editing them (with existing orders in place) does exactly what you want. Another (easier) solution would be to just whisper me the code and I'll remove it from the backend for you.

    As for customers not finding the add coupon link, have you added any custom CSS styling to make that more obvious for your store? We have that link small due to research we've seen about potential cart abandon issues when customers go coupon hunting on the Internet.

    If you add some custom CSS in there, it should help.
  • lancelance Member, Community Support Member
    @Andreas -

    One of our clients sells to a lot of older customers who were having a hard time finding the place to add a coupon, as well, so we ended up adding some custom CSS that displays the Coupon field by default, highlights it in bright yellow, and makes it much larger. This seems to have fixed a lot of the problems that people were having with not finding the field, so that's a good solution to consider on a going-forward basis.

  • @FC_Admin, @Luke, @Lance, thanks for all the input. I opted the fake order route. As far as not finding the link, it is a low percentage (around 3%) who have had trouble. I love that it can be customized, but for such a small group, I'm not going to invest in changing it.
  • I think I found the answer to my initial question, yes it will effect the previously used codes and make them all available again:

    Glad I went the "place-fake-order" route.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks so much for following up. That definitely sounds like undesired behavior. We'll create a ticket on our end so we can look into it further for a future improvement.
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