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New shipping module - close?

joelataylorjoelataylor Member
in Help edited May 2012
Hi guys, my customer has been using my hacked shipping methods for about 3yrs and is now wanting to redo them. I thought I'd check here to see if there were any plans for the Super Ship module to go live soon, or if in general, you have plans on upgrading the shipping settings soon.

If not, I'll go ahead and rebuild the module for my client, but no point in doing the work if it could be obsolete soon.


PS - sad I missed the Google+ hangout today.
  • lancelance Member, Community Support Member
    @joelataylor -

    As far as I know there is no officially announced date for this. I know the team is hard at work on revisions, though, so eventually it will happen.

    I'll let one of the team members chime in with the official word, though.

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Joel. Sorry you missed it as well. We'll be doing more in the future and have less of our own team members in there to free up some spots. We'll probably restrict it to people who have circled us on Google+ as well to keep random public Hangout junkies from visiting. :-)

    As for shipping, hopefully most of the logic you're putting together will still work in the new system since it will be driven by server side JavaScript rules. We're working on it, but it's still a ways off.
  • Thanks for the update Luke. I'll move forward with the rebuild. :) See ya next Google+ event.
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