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What versions of FoxyCart support the NMI Gateway?

Hi there,

I saw on the list of supported gateways ( that NMI gateway is supported.

What versions of FoxyCart is this an option in? I have a site currently running v051 due to this being the supported store version for the ExpressionEngine FoxEE module. I'm not seeing NMI as a gateway option in the FoxyCart Admin panel.

Thanks for your help!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hello Owlz. The initially supported version is listed here: and is 0.7.1.

    Are you using subscriptions with FoxEE? We've heard rumors of some stores being able to use FoxEE with newer versions of FoxyCart, but we don't have any solid steps on how to go about doing that (and we're not sure if they will work with subscriptions)
  • owlzowlz Member
    Thanks, Luke.

    We are not using subscriptions, but from what I can tell from FoxEE forums, FoxEE is not compatible with FoxyCart v0.7.1. Still waiting for a reply from the FoxEE developers on that.
  • lancelance Member, Community Support Member
    @owlz -

    We have a couple of clients who have been able to use FoxEE with 0.7.1, but I do not recommend it because it isn't really built for that. As far as I know, HCC Development is no longer supporting or updating FoxEE. I'm actually in the process of writing a new ExpressionEngine / FoxyCart integration. Would you be interested in testing it when the beta comes around?

  • owlzowlz Member

    Thanks for the info. Yes, I'd definitely be interested in testing your beta when you have it ready!
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