Editing checkout template

nathannathan Member
in Help edited May 2012
I would like to add some extra text to the area where PayPal is mentioned - I don't want people to be put off at this point if they don't have a paypal account - although they can pay without having a paypal account, that is not clear.

I am going to add a different payment processor at some point, but am happy to keep the express account for the next month (if it works ok).

I would prefer to remove /reword the text there.

How would I go about it.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hello Nathan. Just click the "language" menu item in the admin and then click checkout and adjust the "pay with paypal" language string as needed. Hope that helps.
  • nathannathan Member
    Excellent - thanks Luke that's exactly what I was after, much appreciated.
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