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Handling after ordering

in Bugs & Feature Requests edited September 2008
We are purchasing a business and I'm a web developer anyways. I want to use FoxyCart as the backbone for ordering and processing with Quantum (CDG Commerce), however, I'm unsure if you can do what I need.

We need a checkout process, but need to pass the customer (after ordering) to a PHP page of my choosing for final handling.

In short, we're buying a Day Spa and want to allow purchase of gift certificates which can be printed online in real time....maybe one with a certain picture, and other certs with another picture.

Thing is, unless I can have you pass them somewhere afterwards with some sort of switch that I can do an if/else lookup or something to do additional handling.

Let me know either way. This is a very quick decision we're having to make, so please let us know ASAP.

I appreciate all replies from experienced users. I'm new to this cart, but it's simple enough to integrate into any website and I'll use it tons more in my workflow if it proves customizable enough.

Thanks again to all who reply.
  • Also, I notice that this cart has it hosted on their domain. If we're able to host on our own domain name with our own SSL, that'd be just the trick I needed...especially with modifiable source code (if it exists).
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I'm not 100% certain, but it sounds like you could use the XML datafeed to do what you need as far as integrating it with gift certificates. FoxyCart was built to integrate with external systems, so if you can't make something happen just let us know.
    Some examples:

    You can map a subdomain to our servers to make it appear as seamless as possible to your customers, but FoxyCart is a hosted-only solution at this point. If you'd like to use a custom domain you can follow the steps here:

    The custom domain actually helps tremendously if you're doing any sort of tracking/analytics, as it avoids the 3rd party cookie difficulties that are inherent with cross-domain requests and such.
  • Hmm. If only subdomains are allowed, then how did come about?

    Curious :)

    I'm looking into integration stuff right now. Thanks.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    You could use whatever domain you want, but usually people choose a subdomain of their existing domain. So if you have your site at, then you'd stick a CNAME on or and point it to FoxyCart.

    Do a dig on and you'll get a glimpse at how it's working.

    You could have your site at and have your FoxyCart checkout at, but there aren't too many reasons to do that (and nobody's ever asked before).

    Does that clear it up? We were (as far as we know) the first SaaS to offer this type of functionality, and even though a handful of others are doing it now it's still a fairly new method for most people.
  • Ah. That's why the URL doesn't change in their address bar. CNAME.

    Thanks for clearing that up. Hadn't even crossed my mind that this was going on.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey ashworth, is the XML datafeed concept clear to you? You can literally do anything you want with it. It's your data with all the details of your order sent every 60 seconds.
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