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Updating Account doesn't show CC on file

nickffnickff Member
in Help edited June 2012
Hi All,

Quick question in regards to updating account info. I'm realizing that when a customer goes to update their account and does have a CC # stored, it doesn't show the current CC # after log in, or allow the customer to keep using the current # on file. All address info appears, but it appears that the current card on file must be updated.

Am I missing something, or is that the default functionality? If so, I'm just curious about those who are simply looking to update shipping/billing address info, but don't need to update their cc info. Shouldn't there be an option to keep the current card on file active (as there is when performing orders after cc# is saved)?

Love to hear more thoughts on this. Thanks all!
  • lancelance Member, Community Support Member
    @nickff -

    It is definitely expected behavior that the existing CC number does not display. This is a standard security precaution that should be observed by anyone storing credit card numbers.

    As to the question about an option to keep the existing card on file, it does appear that this is not possible; however, I can't say for certain. There may be certain PCI compliance issues related to this. I know that when I have updated by billing addresses on other e-commerce (read: non-FoxyCart) sites I have had to re-enter my CC number as a precaution. I suspect that this is the same case here, but one of the Team might be able to chime in and expand on that or correct me.

  • nickffnickff Member
    edited June 2012

    Thanks for the info. I thought it may have something to do with PCI/Security issues.

    That being said, it seems a bit odd that one can use a stored cc # for future orders by leaving the checkbox checked (which shows the current # as xxxx xxxx xxxx 1234), but can't do the same when updating account info...

    Anyone from the FC side of things have thoughts on this one?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Nick. Thanks for your feedback. The primary reason for creating the "updateinfo" end point was to have a link to send to subscription customers who's card was about to expire. It therefore had to prompt for updated card information. It sounds like there's a use case for just updating the address information and our current process doesn't support that. We'll add a request ticket in our system, but you can also ask for that feature here as well:
  • nickffnickff Member
    edited June 2012
    Hey Luke,

    Thanks for the update. I have a client that is pushing for this, so I appreciate you adding it to the request ticket system.

    I've also created a feature request here. Hopefully it's nice and clear.

    Thanks again!
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