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Need to refund a do I do that??

alicemonroealicemonroe Member
in Merchants edited June 2012
I go into admin, but can't figure out how to refund?? Where do I do that??
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    You'd refund the money to customers through the payment gateway you were using to accept that order, and it's generally done by logging into the administration portal given to you by the gateway when signing up.
  • I can get into admin but don't see where do refund??
  • RolfRolf Member
    Payments are not done at FoxyCart but at the gateway. Which company is picked as payment gateway, do you know? Who arranged that? You can see it under the payment config of your store.
    Then you should visit the merchant/admin account of your gateway, login there and you usually arrange all that from the admin control panel.
  • fredfred FoxyCart Team
    Thanks, @Rolf.

    @alicemonroe: Your payment gateway is linked to your credit card merchant account, which is who deposits the money from your credit card transactions into your bank account. It might be a company like, Quantum, or others. You might also be using PayPal.

    If you're not sure, please log into the FoxyCart admin and click "payment" in the "STORE" column. Are you working with a web developer? They should be able to help as well.

    In any case, you cannot issue refunds through FoxyCart. You will have a separate login for your payment gateway (or PayPal) and you must log into their system in order to issue the refund. Your payment gateway will have a customer support line who will be happy to guide you through the refund process.
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