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Using JQuery to Modify Tax

brucepbrucep Member
in Help edited June 2012
Is there a way to use JQuery and a custom select field in the foxycart checkout to 1) include tax, or 2) exclude tax (if a tax exist for that local/region).

I have a store where the primary customers are 501.3c non-profit organizations who are infrequent buyers. I have 14 states where I am required to charge tax UNLESS the buyer has a local exemption certificate based on there 501.3c status.

My thought is to have a self certifying radio group input or select input in the custom section of the checkout and the tax would switch on or off depending on their selection (for these 14 states only).

I have 2 states where I have to charge tax no matter what is selected and 24 states where I don't have to charge tax no matter what is selected. So I would not have tax rates for the 24 states where I don't charge, and the JQuery logic would need to escape itself on the 2 states where I always have to charge.

Does that make any sense?
  • lancelance Member, Community Support Member
    @brucep -

    My understanding is that in the current version of FoxyCart, the taxes are not directly modifiable and that even if you change the taxes via jQuery, they'll end up being recalculated by the system.

    This can be achieved in a different way, though, I think. If you wanted to use a self-certify system, when the exemption is selected you could then use JS to drop all of the products in the cart and re-add them in a tax-exempt category. You would then have three tax policies - one for each of the three cases, applied based on the category.

    Does this make sense?

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