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Testing Purchase Order functionality

jacobdubailjacobdubail Member
in Help edited June 2012
Hey guys,

I need to setup Purchase Orders for a client. Their site is already live and orders are rolling in. I thought I could setup a second store as a testing environment to stage all of the PO code, but I guess that's not possible unless I activate the test store.

Here's the scenario:
A specific type of customer (customer user role in WP) will be allowed to order via a PO. My thought was to do something similar to the free shipping coupon code, where the free shipping option is only visible/active under certain conditions. I'm assuming I can do something similar with PO's and passing a custom session variable to the cart.

How would you suggest I go about testing this? Is activating the test store the only way?

  • lancelance Member, Community Support Member

    The only way to have access to the PO option is to have an active store, yes.

    You could add the PO option to the live store, but force it to be hidden on the checkout using jquery. Your idea of using a custom field is correct. If the customer is logged in as a member of the particular role in question you would simply add a custom field to the cart, check for that in checkout, and then conditionally display the PO option.

    Does this help?

  • Thank you both!

    @lance: That's what I figured, but wanted to be sure.
    @fc_adam: Thanks for sharing the link. You read my mind.

    Will let you know how I get along.

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