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International Orders - Not allowing first-class mail

ChuckTrukkChuckTrukk Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited October 2008
I have a client who just started selling international orders. The problems are:
FC - 0.3.2

- First-class priority won't show up for international orders
- I can't set no-shipping for international orders
- I can't use 'shipped using a flat fee' for international orders

I have dropped my weight down to .1 lbs but still no dice.

Is there any way I can force any of the above options?
  • Update. I did get 'flat fee' to working. Still having problems with live shipping rates.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Can you give very specific examples of what shipping carrier you're using? I don't see "first-class priority" listed for any of the shipping carriers we support. We'll also need the store state and country as well as the destination state/province and country. We always recommend selecting more shipping service options rather than fewer since each carrier has very specific limitations for each service and sometimes the contents of the cart or the locations exclude certain services from being available.

  • I mistyped.

    The 2 options I have checked are:
    - first-class mail international
    - priority mail international

    I checked them all during testing, and they were $38 or more. first-class mail would be the cheapest but the api is not allowing that option.

    You can try to the following state/country combos:
    - Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9DP
    England, GB

    - Stuttgart, Germany D-60311
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    I just ran some tests against Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9DP GB using "Cornwall" as both the city and the province and USPS Priority Mail International was returned. Are you sure USPS supports first class for the weight you're shipping?

    Also, "Stuttgart" is not in our system as a valid province for Germany.

    Have you tried getting rates for these items directly from the USPS home page to ensure the weights and locations you're entering are correct?
  • Yup. I tested to GB and USPS shows first-class mail as an option for $10.30
  • Any ideas on this luke or brett?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Our current system is somewhat limited because it doesn't do dimensional weight. That might be the problem since international first class has to be less than 36 inches total. We're looking into revamping our shipping system and improving it quite a bit, but unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll have an immediate solution for you right now. We'll have to work with what we've got and see if we can't tweak it a bit to get this to work for you. Most likely, it will involve passing in dimensions for the product (or category) as it's added to the cart which is something we'll probably implement in 0.4.1.
  • drwagner13drwagner13 Member
    edited January 2009
    I am having the same problem. I have the First-Class Mail International shipping option checked in our shipping options in Foxycart, but the international orders are not presented with the option. I can look up the value on the USPS website, and it is much cheaper ($40 for a 5ox package to Spain, vs $253 for the priority rate).

    Do you guys have a fix for this *serious* problem yet?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for posting, drwagner. Could you please post all of the details for the shipment?

    We'll need the source and destination addresses and the product weight. If you'd like to whisper it to me, that would be fine.

    If the rate calculation requires dimensions, we probably won't have a fix for that until SuperShip which you can vote for here:

    It may also be the case that a rate request going to Spain requires unit measurements that work in Spain. I'm not sure what the "ox" measurement means in "5ox" you mentioned. The product categories are currently setup to let you specify if you want pounds or kilograms and inches or centimeters. What measurement does Spain use?

    Thanks for helping us improve FoxyCart.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Aside: I'm guessing "ox" was a typo, should have been "oz".
  • drwagner13drwagner13 Member
    edited January 2009
    Brett is right. I meant oz.

    This has nothing to do with Spain or package dimensions. The value is not available for any foreign address I have tried. You can see for yourself at (order any publications item).

    On the USPS website you can get a value for this mailing class without specifying a dimension, and it should be noted that all USPS prices classes appear to have dimension limits, as well as weight limits.

    Since this has come up before, I am guessing that it is time to address the problem. This isn't a "super shipping" issue. It is a basic shipping issue.

    For the previous poster you said that size "might be the problem", but that is clearly not the case. This shipping option only changes if the size of the package exceeds a certain value (l+w+h>36in), but since the maximum weight for this shipping class is 4lb (from what I can gather using the USPS calculator), it is unlikely that the maximum size would ever be exceeded for this class. Incidentally, above 4lbs this class essentially converges with the International priority mail rate, and then size does become an issue, but your system either currently ignores this, as far as I can tell. Anyway, I think you have a bug. Please verify.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Figured it out. USPS' rate request system doesn't use unique identifiers for their service levels (like all the others do) so we have to match their services by name only. They changed some of their descriptions and we hadn't updated our database. "First-Class Mail International" became "First Class Mail International Package" and "First Class Mail International Large Envelope". They also added a couple new ones like "USPS GXG Envelopes".

    Big thanks to drwagner for helping us fix this one.
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