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IP registration with Chase Paymentech

fewdiodavefewdiodave Member
in Help edited June 2012
I'm trying to set up Foxycart to work for a client who has Chase Paymentech. (I emailed Maurci Witherspoon, listed in the wiki as being the Chase Paymentech Foxycart expert, but I never got a response - I'll try calling her tomorrow).

After setting it up and trying to do a test order, I'm getting a response error HTTP status code of 412, which, according to the Chase documentation, means the IP address that is connecting with them hasn't been registered. I called up the general support line there, and learned that yes, I do need to register it with them. But, I have to assume this isn't MY IP address that needs to be registered, since it would be over on the checkout and your servers when it communicates with them, yes? So where would I get this IP address from?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @fewdiodave.
    If they really need the IP, you can check the A Record for That'll give you the correct IP to give them. However, we have a failover environment, so when we bring that online you'll need to give them another IP. (We'll notify all users of gateways that require IP whitelisting when this happens, fwiw.)

    I've emailed Maurci to make sure we're all on the same page, and we'll get our docs updated if need be. Sorry for the confusion on this IP address issue.
  • @brett -- Thanks! I still haven't had a chance to call Maurci yet (I've been working strange hours this week), but hopefully I will tomorrow. Do you happen to know what timezone she's located in?

    I'll have to admit, this has been a bit frustrating getting this set up - not that I'm trying to put the blame on you guys, or on Chase, but it feels like this part could be better documented somewhere. I really have no idea what's going on and feel like I'm flailing around trying to get it working... and I have a client who's anxious to get this up and running. Maybe when I finally get it up and running (hopefully before too long!) I can write something up.
  • miketrozzomiketrozzo Member
    edited August 2012

    we're having the same 412 error with a Chase Paymenttech store trying to launch. What was the fix? Any chance you confirm this is the A record IP?

  • Sorry Mike, I should have updated here when I got my problem solved. It's one of my pet peeves when people don't do that on forums, and now I'm guilty of it myself!

    It actually turned out to not be the IP address, after all. It's the username and password. They are NOT the same ones used for the Chase login. I had to call them up and get a separate username and password, specifically for Foxycart. Once they set me up with that, everything worked like a charm.

    Good luck with it!
  • Yes! thanks @fewiodave and @brett, we were able to get a resolution the SAME way (change of password and login). Confirming, Chase requires separate login/password for Foxy.
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