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Datafeed for Dummies, Part One

cfncfn Member
in Help edited October 2008
Sorry guys but I need some additional scaffolding to figure out how to use a datafeed.

Here's what I need to know for now. If you help me understand it through a forum post, I'll help you by updating the wiki with the info.

1) How exactly does one set up a place to receive the datafeed... safely? Explain this for someone who doesn't know anything about security or much about programming. Has anyone rigged up an app that would reliably receive datafeed info? (Or found a way to display it on a MODx page =D)

2) Is there a way for me to, on a monthly basis, run the datafeed, get the entire month's transactions in the file, and then export it into Excel so I can sort it (by column, by name, whatever) and use it for monthly bookkeeping audits? (Or to somehow conglomerate the datafeed info over the course of the month, and then deal with it at the end of each month)?


  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    1. There are lots of examples on the wiki:
    As far as security goes, the XML goes only where you want it to go, and it's encrypted per your key, so short of a DNS poisoning attack by somebody that knows your key it should be very secure.

    As far as displaying info in MODx, you might want to look into FoxyBack-MODx:

    2. There's definitely a way. More than one way, actually. But it might be easier for you to just export transactions from the FC admin as CSV or tab-delimited. The Quickbooks script can be modified to do what you're talking about (to generate CSV or tab-delimited) for a set time period, but it'll take a little tweaking. It should be pretty darn close to what you're describing though.

    Or you could just use the XML and dump it in a database then generate whatever reports you want, whenever you want. The possibilities are pretty endless.
  • cfncfn Member
    Thanks. I somehow missed the "Export Transactions" link completely, thats why I posted.

    That's really all I need for now.

    Glad you pointed out that page though: it has some resources I can use for some other projects (like the MODx integration I'm doing.) thanks!
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