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Consolibyte QB and FoxyShop

in Help edited June 2012
I am building my first FoxyCart site using WordPress and the FoxyShop plugin. So far it's been a dream to work with, so thank you! My client has a physical store front that she wants to integrate as seamlessly as possible with the virtual store, so I've been looking at QuickBooks POS integration for inventory tracking. Consolibyte looks like a great solution, but I've gotten stuck on integrating both Consolibyte and FoxyShop into FoxyCart—especially since each plugin wants their data feed URL pasted into the same place. What would be a way to get both playing nicely together? I'm sure it's quite easy, but I couldn't find any documentation after some searching and decided to just ask. Thanks!
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    edited June 2012
    Hi @kreation_mega - actually, it's not difficult at all. You can either point the datafeed to Consolibyte and then have Consolibyte redirect it back to FoxyShop OR you can do it the other way around - point the datafeed to FoxyShop and then in the FoxyShop datafeed template, you can tell it to send any content to Consolibyte. Line 22 would look like this:
    $external_datafeeds = array("the consolibyte datafeed url goes here");

    Make sure to stick that datafeed template file in your theme folder and you'll be all set.

    PS - glad to hear you are loving FoxyShop!

    PPS - FoxyShop is setup to accept inventory pingbacks from ConsoliByte, so if you are using inventory, you should probably go from the ConsoliByte to FoxyShop.
  • consolibyteconsolibyte Member, Integration Developer, Consolibyte Quickbooks
    Hi @kreation_mega - If you're still stuck on this, make sure you let us know as well too. We work with the guys at FoxyShop regularly, and as @sparkweb noted above there's a couple of ways to make everything play nicely together. If you send us a support email we're glad to help walk you through it.
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