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Adjusting Tax for In Store pickup

jwghcjwghc Member
in Help edited July 2012
We have an in store pickup option on our site and realize that tax needs to be charged for where the item is picked up. Is there a way to have the tax adjust for the in store pickup option? California tax is 7.25 and Orange County tax is 7.75. We have adjusted the tax to make up for the difference online but we have had one or two people choose to come in from a different county.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hello jwghc. We don't have a fully integrated tax solution at the moment, but you can setup city based tax rates if that will help. Our next release also includes zip-code based rates looked up automatically. I hope that helps.
  • jwghcjwghc Member
    @luke thank you. Is there a way that could be coded in the cart or just not possible?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Currently it's not possible to have the taxes on the cart out of the box, but conceivably you could do some custom javascript on the cart hooking into the taxes endpoint to check for taxes and display that on the cart to the customer. You'd also need a way to check the customers location on the cart as well.

    So it may be possible (people have done similar for shipping on the cart), but it would require some advanced javascript work.
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