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Display the actual "code" of the coupon in the checkout page and receipt email

cbootcboot Member
in Help edited July 2012
I'm working for a client that uses hundreds of different coupon codes for their products. Each coupon has a number of different codes associated with it, and the client determines which sales rep will get the commission for a sale based on which coupon was used. How can I display the coupon code that was entered on the checkout page and receipt email?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    The name of the coupon is what will be displayed on the receipt and the email - but in the datafeed and in the FoxyCart cart JSON object the code will also be included.

    Is the client able to use the name for differentiating between the coupons for sales reps?
  • cbootcboot Member
    The client was hoping to use a single coupon name, such as "5% off Product A" with multiple codes associated with that coupon name. This would at least seem like a cleaner more elegant way of managing all of the codes and adding coupon codes in the future. I'm not very familiar with XML and JSON. Is there any way to display the code in the receipt email using the datafeed or the JSON object?
  • lancelance Member, Community Support Member
    @cboot -

    The short answer is yes, but... And that's where the answer gets longer.

    In the out-of-the-box emails, you can't display the actual code used. The name will be displayed. If you want to display the code, you would need to generate your own e-mail receipts using the XML data feed. That said, if you only need to know which codes were used and you don't specifically need that code on every single e-mail receipt, you could continue to use the out-of-the-box FoxyCart e-mails and then do an XML integration that just tracks which coupons are coming in along with any of the other order details you need.

    Based on your comment about not having a strong familiarity with XML, this might sound like Greek to you. If you need some additional insights, I'd be happy to provide them with a little more information on exactly what results you want to achieve. Then I can suggest the most appropriate solution.

  • cbootcboot Member
    Just as a follow up, we have decided to use Order Desk to manage our transactions ( David over at foxytools was able to help me by adding a line for displaying the coupon/coupon code. Thanks for the help David, Lance and Adam!
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