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checkout insecure

drwagner13drwagner13 Member
in Help edited July 2012
One of my customers reported that he is prompted to accept insecure content on our checkout page, and then gets a hrl with the "https" crossed out. This is disconcerting, because it may be driving my customers away. Is there a known cause for this issue? I thought all of the page components for the checkout were cached on foxycart's side, but I'm wondering if perhaps absolute paths to image files might be causing the problem. I don't want to attempt any changes, however, until I get some confirmation.

Were at:

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    The issue is relating to your cart template, rather than your checkout template - and is because you haven't actually run your cart template through the AutoMagiCache, rather just editing within the template form.

    What you'll want to do is put your cart template on your own server and cache it like you have for your checkout template. Then FoxyCart will securely cache your templates files to serve it securely to customers.
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