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Encrypted links are being weird, showing hash in colorbox

in Help edited July 2012
For some reason this is happening now, and I don't recall changing anything that should break this.

$buyButtonCode  = '<a href="';
$buyButtonCode .= 'name=' . urlencode($_SESSION['code']['product']) . get_verification('name', $_SESSION['code']['product'], $productPartNumber) . '&';
$buyButtonCode .= 'price=0.00' . get_verification('price', '0.00', $productPartNumber) . '&';
$buyButtonCode .= 'original_price=' . $_SESSION['code']['price'] . get_verification('original_price', $_SESSION['code']['price'], $productPartNumber) . '&';
$buyButtonCode .= 'quantity_max=1' . get_verification('quantity_max', '1', $productPartNumber) . '&';
$productPartNumber) . '&';
$buyButtonCode .= '3rd_Party_Promo=' . $_SESSION['code']['code'] . get_verification('promo_code', $_SESSION['code']['code'], $productPartNumber) . '&';
$buyButtonCode .= 'code=' . $productPartNumber . get_verification('code', $productPartNumber, $productPartNumber);
$buyButtonCode .= '">You\'re almost done!<br/>Click here to redeem your code and checkout!</a><br><br>';

echo $buyButtonCode;

Also, I'm wondering how to put custom fields with the link buy buttons, instead of having to change it to a form.
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    Did you turn off product verification in the FoxyCart admin?
  • Hmm. It was off. Weird.

    I just re-enabled it and see this, though. I swear, this was working before just a few days ago!

  • Ugh....I'm having an idiotic day. I may have just figured this out. Dang data feed stuff has me distracted I think :D
  • Yeah, I started using your FoxyTools stuff for checking the feed better, and it had me change my API key. We updated it in FoxyCart's admin area, but not in our script. Hence the red errors above.
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    edited July 2012
    There you go! At least it was fairly easy to fix. Glad you got it working. Hope you are liking Order Desk.
  • Order Desk is awesome, and a perfect companion to FoxyCart. Noticing some inconsistencies with my data, but not sure it's Order Desk's fault (see my other thread).
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