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SKU/CODE Parameter for Google Analytics

jodycollierjodycollier Member
in Help edited July 2012
Hello, all.

I've got a store set up here:

I've gotten Google Analytics up and running, have the Google Code just before my </head> tag, and even followed the more advanced steps on the wiki that included code specific to the Foxy Cart, Checkout, and Receipt templates.

I sell almost every product on my site with an "Add to Cart" button, which is linked with unique Foxy code for almost every button.

I'm wanting to add the code parameter so I can use SKU's in Google Analytics. Is it as simple as adding "&code=PRODUCTNAME" inside the add-to-cart link for each product?
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    It's "&code=SKU" but yup, that's all you have to do!
  • Sweet. Couldn't have been easier.

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