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International orders to London?

in Help edited October 2008
Hey, so, we've got a customer in London who's trying to order one of our products and is running into a problem. And when I try to make a dummy order with shipping to London I'm running into the same problem.

I can't seem to get past the 'State or Province' question; it doesn't want to take any input that's not a domestic (I mean U.S.) state or in Canada.

Is there something wrong with my store?
  • OK, sorry to reply to myself, it appears that I'll need to dig more into the various shipping options for international orders. Once I activated the UPS shipping options, it allowed for the order, but with a shipping cost of $300! Boo. Why not the FedEx international? Also we've shipped this item to rural Australia in the past, and it wasn't even close to being this expensive...
  • fredfred FoxyCart Team
    Hi Jeff,

    I'm Fred, the "new guy" on the Foxycart team. We're currently doing a round-up of the issues that people have encountered with shipping as a part of revising our shipping system and making it totally rock.

    Could you post a specific US origin city and zip and London postal code that you ran into trouble with? Also, if you could post what USPS services you have enabled and the container type you have chosen, I'll be able to test further. Thanks in advance!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    As far as this specific error goes it's almost _always_ because the country is set to the United States. Like... not even "almost", it's really "always".

    If the country is set as the UK and it's still forcing a US state in the state/province field, let us know.

    If you happen to know the IP of the customer in London that's having the problem that'd be useful as well so we can check it against our GeoIP tables.
  • Heya there Fred, glad to meet you.

    So we're in sunny wonderful Oakland CA 94607, and the customer is in London, UK, SE1 OPN

    under FedEx I've got it set to 'standard package' and these options enabled:
    2 day Freight
    3 day Freight
    Home Delivery
    International Economy

    and under UPS I've got it set to 'customer package' and these options enabled:
    Worldwide Express

    We mail this product out in a box we make and it weight about 20 or so pounds. It's not oversized or overweight.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Jeffrey, could you confirm the country that the user is seeing (if possible), and let us know your store subdomain?
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