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Custom Product Options

mmcgeemmcgee Member
in Help edited July 2012
I have an odd scenario that I am trying to figure out if it's at all possible.
I have a series of products, each with a variety of colors, sizes and quantities available for each of those products and trying to determine if there is a way that I can code my form in MODx and have it communicate the various selections to foxycart.

Product 1 is available in green, red and blue.
Product 1 has sizes 2 & 4 available in green, sizes 4, 6, 8 , 12 in red, and size 10 in blue.
Of course there is only a certain quantity available for each size. So there might be for example 15 green product available in size 2 and only 5 available in size 4.

Just trying to determine if this is possible to set up on one product page form, or if I have to create a completely separate page for each available option. My client claims this is possible in, but I have not actually seen this myself.

My thinking is that a user would select a color from a select menu that only contains the available colors, and then would be able to select an available size. The available quantities I'm guessing would be a hidden variable, so that when a particular size is sold out so to speak, it would not be an available option.

Is what I'm asking an accomplishable task for someone who is a newbie to foxycart and MODx? Or, is there another approach to solving the problem that is perhaps, easier, more efficient, etc? Is setting up a CUSTOM Product Option the answer here? Would I be setting up a CUSTOM Product Option for every color of every product?
  • mmcgeemmcgee Member
    What about foxee?
    Any suggestions?
  • mmcgeemmcgee Member
    Now I see that foxee is not for MODx
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    To account for that type of form setup from within a CMS like MODx, you'd need to customise the CMS to allow for all of those types of options - and then to also account for inventory levels automatically, you'd also be looking at integrating with the XML datafeed ( to update the inventory levels as each order comes in. It should be possible, but will require a bit of development to get you there.

    If you're new to ModX, that might be a bit more than you're ready for - but that totally depends on your competency with PHP and how quickly you can pickup a product like ModX.

    I'm guessing you're looking specifically for a ModX solution? If not, you might consider a WordPress option like which does a lot of the heavy lifting for you in terms of getting an integration setup, and has also integrated with the datafeed to account for updating inventory levels.

    I'm not exactly sure if FoxyShop will allow for the type of options setup you're describing, @sparkweb - care to take a look and see if FoxyShop might be a good fit?
  • mmcgeemmcgee Member
    Thanks for the feedback. I am not able to program PHP myself, but your response confirmed my suspicion that this is not an easy thing to do. I guess in the meantime my only option might be to set up a resource page for each available color option? Yikes. It would be good to maybe know whether foxycart would even be able to handle such a thing before I seek out someone to code it for me.

  • mmcgeemmcgee Member
    I see that foxyshop is for word press. Where I'm coming from is that we have some stuff in magento, some as static web pages, a blog at some blog place and a few products being placed on shopify as we speak. Creating a consisent look across all, as I predicted is next to impossible. When I ran across MODx I saw a platform that I could, even as a novice html and css person, control the design, build an internal blog AND build in some level of eCommerce. I may have to pass on bad news to the client tomorrow. Not going to be a fun day.
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    As Adam said, FoxyShop is for WordPress and if you went to WordPress it's really easy to setup the products with customizable variations in a visual environment. But a WordPress theme would have to be set up which does require a bit of technical know-how. It's nothing too complicated, here's a look at the documentation:
  • mmcgeemmcgee Member
    I know how to set up a word press, but have only worked with an editable theme. The clients demands are such that it would require a custom theme. Essentially, shopify does everything the client wants and needs, but they don't want a packaged theme. I have so much time invested in learning to work in MODx that I don't even want to think about completely changing platforms.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    There are a lot of happy FoxyCart users using MODx (it's actually the CMS we first started with and one of the reasons we built FoxyCart--we didn't want ecommerce getting in the way of the CMS). That said, there isn't (yet) a full "out of the box" integration with MODx such as FoxyShop. You can, however, get by rather nicely by adding product templates with template variables for all your product options. If you like, we can recommend some developers who have MODx + FoxyCart experience. Either way, we're here to help.
  • mmcgeemmcgee Member
    I think I could certainly make use of foxycart for my own business, which would have a very very basic setup. My current client project though has too many variables, to much scope creep, and an unrealistic deadline and budget. I've recommend a vendor that I know will meet our immediate needs and remove a lot of stress related to implementation, functionality an liability. I need to spend more time coding layout and less time on things I know nothing about. Hats off to those who do it though! I am truly humbled.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I'm glad you were able to find a solution for the clients needs - hopefully a project will come up again soon that might give you a chance to play with FoxyCart :)
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