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How to test, for dummies...

Hi all... Some questions about testing before going live. We are setting up our first online store, so please forgive the naivety.

It's just that I can't seem to find any simple explanation about how to go about this part of the process on the FoxyCart documentation pages or forums. Basically, I've got everything looking good, all set up in terms of integrating the cart software with my site. And now I'd like to test out purchases to make sure everything functions properly on that end.

However, in the FC documentation, in the "Testing" section, it doesn't really say anything about what testing is, how to do it, etc. For instance (and, again, sorry if this is obvious), when I am on the test gateway, can I go through all the motions of making a purchase, all the way through the checkout? If I do this, what happens? The credit card used for testing will not be charged, I guess? I just want to make sure of this before testing, as our products are rather expensive and I don't want to make a mistake.

My next question: how do I go about choosing from the huge list for a "bank card payment method"? Can someone direct me where to look up which is better/worse, or recommend?

Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    In terms of testing, when you're on a test gateway, no money will be taken from from the credit cards entered. You don't need to enter actual credit cards either though - any made up credit card should do.

    Some gateways do have specific test cards and order totals that return specific types of events to allow you to test different errors and order processes. You can generally find these on our wiki ( if we're aware of them, or from the gateway's website that you have selected as your test gateway.

    So yep, you can test the whole way through, including submitting the order on the checkout and receiving receipts.
    My next question: how do I go about choosing from the huge list for a "bank card payment method"? Can someone direct me where to look up which is better/worse, or recommend?

    If you take a look at the gateways page on our wiki at and click the country code that you're based in, that will cut down the selection to gateways that will work in your country. From there, it comes down to the different options that the gateways provide. If you're a bit daunted by the process of selecting a gateway and merchant accounts, we recommend you speak with TotalApps. They have a tremendous amount of experience on their team, and often save our clients between 10 and 30% (while providing consistent and honest support). Also nice is that they have one of the fastest signup processes we've seen. They have a solid package for our users and there's a bit more info at the site:

    Total Apps will be able to help walk you through selecting a gateway that works well for your needs if you're struggling to find the best option.
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    I usually recommend Total Apps as well. They have great support and quick signups and are really comfortable working with FoxyCart gateways.

    Another gateway I'd draw your attention to is - they have a little higher per-transaction fee (the same as PayPal) but don't have any monthly fees so for a low-volume store that's a good fit.
  • imagoaimagoa Member
    Thanks again for the help, expecting very low volume for a bit, Stripe looks great for now.
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