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Customer Provided SSL Pre-approval


Your documentation specifies getting pre-approval from you prior to our using a customer-provided ssl. I wasn't sure where/who to contact to discuss this matter so if this isn't the place please let me know...

My Client would like to use an SSL cert from Digicert ( Digicert UCC SSL – 3 year )

Is this acceptable? and if so what are the costs/requirements we will need to meet in order to use this cert. We have not purchased it yet, but we would like to very soon.

  • fredfred FoxyCart Team
    edited July 2012
    Hi @freshjones,

    We actually use DigiCert ourselves for our main SSL certificates, so they're fine for use with your FoxyCart store.

    The next step is for you to place an order using the order form in the FoxyCart Admin. Go to Settings -> Check "use remote store domain" and click the link to the order form. Or you can log into the Admin and click this link:

    Fill in your information and we'll generate the CSR, which you can then send to DigiCert. Once they issue the signed certificate, you email it to us and we install it on our server.

    Because these are a bit more work for us to handle, they cost $200/year instead of the usual $90/year. Our customers usually use this option to provide their own EV (extended validation) certificate.

    Please direct any other SSL questions to, I'm happy to answer them!
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