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coupon code trickery

lmillerlmiller Member
in Help edited October 2008
I have a couple questions about coupon codes...

Could I use the coupon code feature to create gift certificates? Essentially, a customer would buy a "product" which would generate a unique 1-time use coupon code for another product or cash value?

Also, would it be possible to partially redeem a coupon/gift certificate? If a customer bought a $100 gift card, could the redeem $50 and save the rest for another purchase?

Much thanks in advance for any help.

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Luke (love that name),

    I was thinking about this today, actually. We don't currently support gift certificates or vouchers, but it might be possible to do something like what you're discussing using the datafeed and a member's only section of your site. If someone buys a "$100 gift card" item (with a unique code you generate), they could then redeem the code on your site and it would associate the code with their customer account. When they use your store from the members section, you could adjust prices so that items are "free" for that user. After they checkout, using the datafeed, you could decrease the value of their gift card based on what they purchased.

    Not ideal by any means, but possible. In the mean time, you should vote for what you want here: and here

    We're still testing out the request system and we're not completely sold on it, so if you wouldn't mind putting your request in both, that would be great.
  • Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread, but I really like the UserVoice system that you just mentioned (and I voted on).

    Would you mind sharing your reservations? Looks like something we may want to use too... :)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    edited October 2008
    We were discussing this more tonight and it looks like we will be going with UserVoice. Glad you like it!

    To answer your question, one of the problems was that we cant import existing votes. We think the new features outweigh that so we're going to move ahead with it.
  • Seems pretty simple and elegant...much like foxy. :)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    They're nice people at UserVoice as well. We've "officially" moved over to it at this point.

    To go back to gift certificates, part of the reason we haven't implemented them yet has to do with the management and accounting that they'd necessitate. Lots of accounting considerations as well. Definitely vote on it though and we'll look at implementing something at some point in the future, eventually, maybe ;)
  • bret_ortonbret_orton Member
    edited October 2008
    I have to work with "lmiller", so I'm hijacking his thread.

    We're using the datafeed to power all sorts of stuff. Our client's requiring a big Salesforce integration and their accounting needs to be able to know, on a line-item basis, how to each product's purchase price was adjusted in the case of using a coupon. I was just testing coupon codes and looking over the datafeed xml and was unable to spot any indication a coupon code was used, other than the difference between:

    Am I going blind in my early 30's, or is there no indication a coupon code was used in the xml datafeed?

    In regard to gift certificates, here's what I eventually came up with for the purpose of what lmiller was asking about. :
    1. Create a "gift" category at FC and properly code product links with that category.
    2. When the datafeed comes back, test that category, create a unique gift code and save it in the local database.
    - Create a PDF on the fly with that gift code in it and mail it to the customer
    3. Customer can come back and redeem that gift code which would change the prices of applicable products on the website.

    Or something like that.

    Thanks again for all your help guys. Lovely work.
    - bret
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited October 2008
    Fwiw, there's some Salesforce code in
    Probably don't need, it, but thought I'd mention it.

    As far as the XML goes, that's more a Luke thing, but he's out until next week. I've made a note for him to followup with you. In the meantime though:

    Are you using the latest version of the XML datafeed? We don't have an example of it on the wiki (and v0.6 of the datafeed was pre-coupons, so that won't include it). If you use the test XML scripts at to store exactly what FoxyCart is sending. I could have sworn that the coupon info was in there, but I'm looking at the code and I think I'm wrong, and that it's not in there.

    I just realized that we weren't able to get that into our 040 release, but that it's scheduled for 041. I'll let Luke update when he returns. Sorry about that.
  • Thanks Brett.
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