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Taxes and General Questions

RodMartinRodMartin Member
in Help edited October 2008
I started a discussion a week ago... and you replied to it, but I can't seem to find the thread. I'm sorry. I remember you said some of my questions might be solved in the latest release of FoxyCart that just happened. Here are my questions....

1) When adding any item from to the cart and then clicking on “checkout”, the cart automatically calculates tax. This is the same problem as above, but it happens to every item. This should not happen until they add their billing address because Taxes are different with each state.

2) Is there a way to remove the "cancel and continue shopping" link on the checkout page?

3) Is there a way to add a blank form field in the checkout process and give it a unique label? One of the items to purchase in our store is attendance to a conference... if someone signs up for multiple people is there a way in the check out there could be a blank form where I someone could enter names of other attendees? Make sense?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    1) The taxes will calculate correctly after the billing address has been updated. Is it really a problem the way it is now? I'm pretty sure 0.4.0 doesnt assume the taxes will apply until after you enter the billing information.

    2) Yes, just add some CSS to your checkout template to hide it. We're like CSS ZenGarden, you can do anything you want:
    #fc_cancel_continue_shopping a {
    display: none;

    3) Checkout custom fields:
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