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UK based gateways for subscription setup - recommendations?

megasteve4megasteve4 Member
in General edited September 2012
Hi I am thinking about setting up what I would * perceive* to be a pretty standard subscription based set up on Foxycart.

And am vaugely famailier with some of the pitfalls of subscriptions / recouring billing (Some mentioned here)

I am using Modx Revo CMS and would require a recurring billing scenario. I am based in the UK and would need a UK gateway that would accept reoccurring billing (without the CV2 code I assume) My client is a new start up so doesn't have any proven business history etc.

Does anyone have any feedback with regards to any of the apparently compatible UK gateways (Listed here). Most info I have found is either dated or negative against the gateway (typically paypal). I am looking for an easy set up ( everyone!) and ideally good rates.

Any comments appreciated!!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited September 2012


    Some other users will hopefully chime in with their experience - but if you're looking for an easy setup and some assistance in best options for getting everything going, we generally recommend reaching out to the guys at Total Apps. They've been really helpful for users who aren't quite sure on the best option to go with previously, so I'm sure they can help you get started:
  • OK thanks Adam. I did briefly get in touch with them but I have dug deeper into your code base and docs and think I am going to bash it out myself now. I would prefer to have written it myself I think just so I know whats happening under the hood when it needs tweaking and updating further down the line.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Just to clarify, are you referring to building out the payment gateway integration yourself? Or just your site and FoxyCart integration?
  • Just doing the integration - I am running the CMS Modx Revo and aiming to set up a user / subscription model using FC. I'm in the process of setting up the data feeds etc which so far seems to be going ok...
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