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Check out page goes do a different store?

PasqualePasquale Member
in Help edited September 2012
OK - this is odd behavior: I had two different websites store pages I developed open in Chrome. I was checking the coding on store-1 while I set up store-2 on a new second website. When I went to test store-2 and check out - Instead of the correct store-2 checkout page am getting an alert - with a link to store-1:
The current store domain for your session does not match the domain configured for your store. Please clear your browser's cookies (cookies named 'fcsid' in particular) and try again or contact us to resolve this issue.

I have cleared all the cookies and browser data, refreshed, restarted, Then shut down and restarted, deleted all cookies - but still get this error

Note: This does not happen in Firefox or Safari - only in Chrome

What more can I do?

[Edit] :: Additionally the cart is also showing a paypal option from store-1 that is not set up n Store-2 (this is only in Chrome)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hello Pasquale. It looks like you may have hard coded a session id somewhere. When I click the link above, I get the same error. When clear my cookies in chome and start over completely with a simple add to cart link, everything works as expected. Do you have a product add page I could look at? My hunch is there's a hard coded session id in there somewhere.

    Also, our current admin does not play well at all with having more than one store open at a time. You can very easily completely stomp the settings of one store and overwrite them with the other. We recommend only working on one store at a time or using separate browsers.

    Please let us know if that helps.
  • Hi Luke, I am always finding out the hard way :)

    nothing fancy in the set up (yet)

    it will ask you to sign is as a visitor.

    Thanks for your help!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks Pasquale. The site seems to be working just fine for me. Are you still experiencing issues?
  • Thanks for the follow up Luke.

    Everything is now working as expected.

    We are rolling!
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