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Multiple flat shipping on v1.0 broken

babblebibbabblebib Member
in Help edited September 2012

I am using the sample to provide multiple flat rates for shipping that vary by country and number of items in my cart.

I am pretty sure that this all used to work fine in v0.7.2 but since upgrading to v1.0, the shipping options do not change when the user changes shipping country.

In my scenario, my domestic shipping country is UK which is the default, if someone then changes to somewhere else (say France) they still get shown the UK options.

Any tips would be gratefully received. Is this a v1.0 issue or an problem with my JS?

My site is To re-produce the problem, add some items to the cart and go to checkout as a guest. Note that your shipping country defaults to UK and you get shown three shipping options. Change this to France and you still get the three UK options, not the single European options that should be there (and was there in 0.7.2)

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    First thing to note - you're seeing UK as that is where the checkout has best worked out that your computer is located using a GEOIP service. So for instance, I see Australia when I hit your checkout as that's where I'm based.

    So taking a look at your checkout - are you sure this was working previously? Looking at your checkout from what I can see it should only calculate and display the shipping rates on the first load - and won't actually pick up on any changes to the shipping location.

    What I'd suggest would be to upgrade the script for the Multiple Flat Rates (I made some improvements to that script over time), and once you've upgraded you should be good to go. In terms of upgrading, if you copy out the multiple flat rates code you have now into a separate text document, replace the code in your template with the new code, and then copy back in your custom logic. In the instructions if you take note of example 2 that will show you how to make sure it runs when the location is changed.

  • @fc_adam,

    Thanks - I re-implemented the sample code and it is now working. I guess i must have broken it at some point during my customization.

    Thanks very much.
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