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Multiple Products At Once

barkerybarkery Member
in Help edited October 2008
I am creating an order page where customers can enter quantities of each product they want and go straight to the checkout page.

I've got the hidden fields set up as name="8:name" and name="9:name", etc.

My question is, does it need to go in numeric order or would name="7:name" then name="10:name" work just as well?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    That's a good question. You could always run a quick test.

    (It does work, though ;)

    Fwiw, I always just do a quick yourdomain . foxycart . com/cart?name=test&price=9 request in the address bar of my browser whenever I want to do a quick test. You could just add a &4:name=test4&4:price=100 to test what you're talking about to confirm for yourself.
  • Thanks..

    Another question - and I don't know if my script is having anything to do with it or not or if it's just 3:30am and I'm tired!

    Wholesale Order

    I have the value set to "0" but when I go to the checkout page, it shows a default "1" quantity for each item in the form. Any ideas?
  • I'm having the same problem on mutliple products if i set quantity to "" or "0" it reverts to "1". It does this in both v0.3.2 & v.0.4.0
  • Ok for some reason the "0" seams to be working now? I don't know why, the only thing i've changed was adding [onClick="this.value=''" ] on the input?
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