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Multiple Shipping Origins - possible?

joelataylorjoelataylor Member
in Help edited September 2012
Hi all, my client has two warehouses in the US and would like to provide dynamic pricing from FedEx from the closest location (if in stock). I know it's a tall order, but wonder if anyone else out there has accomplished this, and how.

Thanks for your feedback!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We're currently working on a completely new shipping system that would handle this, but in the mean time, you might be able to adjust the FC.checkout.config values via JavaScript before the shipping rates fire. Depending on the location the customer enters, the products in the cart (and their availability across the fulfillment centers), you could potentially do an overload method on our method to get shipping rates which would adjust the store location values as needed to match the correct fulfillment center prior to the rates being calculated.

    I'll ping @fc_adam to see if he might be able to help put together a script for this. I think it would be nice to include here:
  • Thanks for the quick response Luke (as per usual). I think the last time I asked you were 'working on a completely new shipping system' ;)

    When is V1.0 slated for release? And I'm assuming it's not going to be in the 1.0 release?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    1.0 was released today actually, and you assumed correctly, unfortunately the new shipping functionality is not in 1.0.

    Are you interested at all in the javascript approach @luke mentioned?
  • Hi Adam, that's GREAT news on the 1.0 release!

    If the new shipping is a ways off, then yes, I'd def. be interested in seeing some code snippet for overloading the shipping methods.

    Actually, do you have a doc with all available overload methods?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    We don't have documentation on them no - they're generally unsupported methods that we've added to make custom stuff a little easier while we build out native functionality.

    This should cover what you need though, pending your custom code:
  • Thanks Adam, that helps a ton!
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