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Downloadable Pricing

lyjolyjo Member
in Help edited September 2012
How do you control a downloadable's price via the 'add to cart' form/link? It seems as though a downloadable's price is only set via the add downloadable option in the FC admin. Seems at odds with the way pricing is controlled for every other product sold through FC.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @lyjo. You're right, it is different for downloadables than anything else, primarily because with downloadables the "fulfillment" is instant, so if a price change was allowed the merchant wouldn't be able to catch it before shipping the product.

    That said, we have contemplated allowing the "normal" FoxyCart approach for downloadables too _if_ the link/form validation was enabled:

    Also worth mentioning is that you can use the self-hosted downloadables script if you need more flexibility than you can get natively at this point:

    Does any of that help?
  • Yes, the logic makes complete sense and there are workarounds in place. I just like to have a consistent approach for my client/cms admins. Having two routines for maintaining pricing makes sense for security but is just one more thing for the client to digest. Thanks
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