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Checkout Template Help

JBurnsJBurns Member
in Help edited October 2012

I am finally (after much delay) planning to launch a product November 1 and I am getting the shopping cart set up. I am having an issue with trying to put the shopping cart within my overall site design. I have created a page with the background / header / footer sections that I want with the ^^cart^^ ^^checkout^^ tags and cache'd the URL.

The first time I did it, I put the foxycart css call after all other css calls. The result was that the background and other formatting didn't show up. I tried it again with the foxycart css call before the site formatting css call. This seems to work except for 1 item. When it shows the shipping charge, the amount is formatted wrong so it looks like:


And similar for the other options.

I presume there is a css call that is conflicting, causing the alignment to be off. If I know what the css style is I can probably change something in my site so it doesn't conflict.

The site is in test, so it is possible to go in and try it out. The shopping cart page is not on the menu yet, but it can be accessed by going to:

If you run an order to the point of putting in the address info so the shipping options come up the formatting issue will show up.

Any ideas to resolve are much appreciated. I'd really like to have the checkout inside my header / footer so it looks consistent.

Thanks very much

James Burns
DesignMod LLC
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited October 2012

    There does appear to be a small issue in our styles there, if you add the following to your styles (included after the FoxyCart default styles) that should fix it up for you while we look into this on our side:
    #fc_checkout_container div.fc_shipping_methods_container label.fc_radio span.fc_currency_symbol {

    Edit: Our QA director has actually narrowed this down to only happening the latest version of Chrome, having found it working properly in Chrome version 19 and any other browser he tested.

    Could you confirm which browser you are using where you're seeing this issue?
  • Adam,

    The css above worked.

    I'm using Chrome version: 22.0.1229.79 m

    Thanks for your help!

  • Sorry, on the other question, I pulled the suggested css out of the template and tried it in Firefox and IE9 and it the problem did not appear. So yes, it seems that it was just a Chrome v 22 issue.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Also worth noting, we generally recommend starting with the text style (as opposed to the default one). The default one was meant to lock things down quite a bit to keep the look and feel consistent. The text style was meant to be more minimal so it could easily overwritten.

    As for this issue in Chrome, we'll keep looking into it and see what can be done.
  • We're having a bit of trouble with Chrome too:
    Customer reported to us:
    Tried to pre-order a dragon's egg but the screen just froze at the complete order screen.

    We asked for some diagnosis details:
    Chrome latest version on a windows xp box

    We reproduced this using an XP VM.

    We were not able reproduce this on Windows 7, using IE, FF, or Chrome.

    Hope this helps (and it's the right place to put this).

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hey @power9pro, we're checking this out but can you confirm the Chrome version, just to make absolutely sure? Also, when you say "froze" you mean "the browser or tab crashed" or you mean "it just didn't do anything at all"?
  • SamiSami FoxyCart Team
    Hey @power9pro, we're not able to reproduce it on Windows XP with Chrome Version 22. Can you provide us some details to reproduce it ? What FC version you are using ? If you could share (or whisper) link of your store where you are experiencing it, that would be great.
  • It seems like it's not happening anymore, can't reproduce anymore
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