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No taxes for specific users?

sccr410sccr410 Member
in Help edited October 2012
From my client, we are trying to choose an e-comm platform to meet all their needs. They wanted to do Shopify because it is hosted and they didn't have to worry about upgrades (very insistent on this). They are going to start online ordering to reduce the amount of phone orders. Anyway, they just threw me this curveball out of the blue:

The majority of our customers are tax-exempt, because they hold a reseller’s permit. These are issued by the state, and we need to have a copy of their permit on file for them to not be charged sales tax (or else we get in trouble when audited). This permit information is tied to the customer’s account in our system, so when ordering by phone or in person, we can just look up their account number in our system and verify that they have the permit. Then, our system will not charge them tax.

We would like for these customers to still be able to order tax-free on the site, because if we don’t have a way to do so, they will just call in because they know they can order tax-exempt that way. One of our main goals is to decrease call traffic so that would not be the best option.

Anyone who does not already have an account with us in our system would still have to create one over the phone, and we would need to obtain their resellers permit either via fax or mail.

We will 99% likely be using WordPress + FoxyShop. I will also advise them that they need to create the user accounts for their existing clients and add in the custom user meta data which would define their tax exempt status. But I believe FoxyCart does all the tax calculations solely on location of the customer. So wondering if we could pass something to FoxyCart to disable taxes for specific users.

Or, a workaround could possibly have tax be a line item in the order and not setup any taxes in FoxyCart? But then no idea how to automatically add that line item to every cart that is created...
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    I think the way to do this would be to write into the hook that sets up the product and IF they are logged in and have a valid tax-free account (I'd use a user-role to manage this -- just check their role) you would switch the product category from a regular shipping category to a tax-free category.

    This is a good starter:

    Something like:
    if ($userrole == "taxfree") { $product_array['category_code'] == "tax_free_category"; }
  • Perfect, thanks! I forgot FoxyCart does taxes on a category basis, not globally like all other platforms. This is quite an easy setup.
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