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Maximum flat rate shipping cost if products from several categories

intandemintandem Member
in Help edited November 2012
I have 2 categories of products, each with 2 flat rate shipping costs, based on address. This is all set up and working.
However, if the customer buys one product from category A plus another from category B, checkout currently will add the two flat rate shipping fees together. However, I just want to charge them the higher rate once (e.g. product A has flat rate of 5.00, product B has flat rate of 10.00, both ordered in one shipment - I don't want shipping total of 15.00 but rather 10.00). Can this be done?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    It's possible, but at this time it requires some javascript on your checkout. So instead of setting those flat rates on your admin, you'd actually set those to 0 and instead set it on your checkout. This snippet should get you started -, but if you need a hand if you could let me know your categories I can quickly write up that custom logic for you. In essence though it would look like this:
    var catA = false;
    var catB = false;
    for (var p in fc_json.products) {
      switch (fc_json.products[p].category) {
        case "catA":
          catA = true;
        case "catB":
          catB = true;
    if (catA) {
      shippingCost = 5;
    if (catB) {
      shippingCost = 10;

    If you just have to two categories, just update each place catA and catB are mentioned to instead be the category code of your relevant categories
  • Hey Adam

    This is for my shopping cart that we dealt with before, i.e. the Dublin/Ireland cart, so it might be more complex? I thought there might be something in the system settings that I simply need to set up. But if it has to go back into the Javascript, then it's probably more complex as I have the flat rates by category AND delivery area. Will I get in touch with one of the guys? Thanks!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Unfortunately at this time the shipping setup is a little restrictive, so you can't do something like say 'use the most expensive flat rate shipping cost' without getting into some javascript.

    Looking back over our previous thread (sorry I didn't remember that!), but based on what I believe is the last working code for the shipping logic, this should do what you want:

    Just switch that out for the code that matches up in your current template.
  • Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work. Gives me no shipping costs at all, no matter what address etc. I'm using.

    This is my current code: (works perfectly for address/category flat shipping we set up before)

    And this is how I switched it out with your new code:

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    It does look to be working for me - with one exception, change this line:
    if (country_code == "IE" && jQuery.inArray(state_name, validCounties) > -1) {

    To this:
    if (country_code == "IE" && state_code == "D") {

  • Brilliant, that's working now! Thanks!

    Is there something I can do to only show shipping charge once the address has been entered? At the moment, it shows 20.00 as soon as I open the cart, even before an address has been selected. That could put off customers who don't realise that with a certain address they can get a reduced shipping fee?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    You can - simply change this:
    onLoad: true

    To this:
    onLoad: false

    just above your custom shipping logic
  • That's great, thanks! Are you in a different time zone today? I'm not used to getting replies from you at this hour of the day ....
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I don't believe in time zones :)
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