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Wholesale/Retail site in Modx - advice needed

LucyILucyI Member
in Help edited November 2012
I have a client in need of a store that will take both wholesale and retail sales on the same items, as well as have some items that are only retail, and some that are only wholesale. I plan to build the site in MODX, and hope to be able to use a single resource for each item. The resource would be called by getResources into the wholesale or retail section of the site, or both. The wholesale section would only be viewable by authorized, logged-in users, and wholesale prices would display here along with the retail price. Wholesale prices would not display in the retail section.

I can't quite envision how I would go about sending the correct price into the cart depending on which section of the site, or if this is even possible. If anyone has attempted anything similar I would love to hear.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I'm not super familiar with ModX myself, but if you've got the logic to display on certain products in certain places depending if they're available for wholesale, retail or both, you'd just have to display the relevant price in those places as well. So for your product in the backend you'd have an input for both retail and wholesale price - then when you're displaying the product on your site you'd show the relevant price for that section. When the customer clicks add to cart, FoxyCart will just take the price as it's passed from your site and that's it :)
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