strange ascii characters showing in combo box

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I am trying to style some of the form elements in the checkout page and noticed in the billiing section there are 2 combo box dropdowns - 1 for country and the other for state. Next to the combobox instead of a down arrow, there are some strange ascii characters. Here is what I picked up from the source:
<button tabindex="-1" title="Show All Items" class="fc_foxycomplete_combobox" 
style="height: 25px; width: 25px; 
top: 15px; left: 165px; z-index: 9; ">â–¼</button>

I cannot figure out how those weird characters got there, nor how to remove them. I checked my document html character set and it is <meta charset="iso-8859-1">. Is that the problem? Anyone have any clues how to deal with this?
  • Update on this issue. It is not supposed to be a down arrow. After mousing over it, the words "Show all items" popped up so that is the actual text to be displayed.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Actually it is a down arrow, the title for the button is "Show all items" so that's why you're seeing that.

    Change your charset to "UTF-8" and that should fix the problem.
  • Yes, that was it. Thank you!
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