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Sales Tax included in Price but broken down in Receipt

intandemintandem Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited November 2012
I've tried to make sense of these threads but they're reaching a complexity beyond what I am looking for:

The principle is the same: As is the case in most countries outside the US, in Ireland sales taxes (VAT) are included in the displayed selling price (except in some B-2-B scenarios). It is however common practice to show the tax breakdown at the end of the sales receipt. Foxycart does not allow for this "out of the box" which is a pity as it is standard commercial practice it large parts of the world.

I basically need to stick with my full prices in my shop. It is not acceptable to show prices ex-VAT as consumers would get irritated and confused by that - the same way we get confused as tourists in the States when we suddenly get lumbered with extra costs at the till that we didn't expect from the pricetags ;-). They only need to see VAT on the final receipt. The suggested MODX PHx solution of displaying the full price on the website but passing a PHx adjusted tax-free price to Foxycart is a non-starter because it would be highly confusing to the buyer to see one price on the website, another one in the cart and then something else again at checkout.

One of the posts mentions an adjustment to the receipt email to show the extracted VAT amount. This would be perfectly sufficient! Can anybody point me in the right direction of how to achieve this please? I would need to be able to extract VAT based on product category as we have 2 categories and each has a different tax rate. I am not concerned about international buyers. Any help would of course also be appreciated :)!!!!!

I see that the voting for this type of feature has been going on since 2009 ... Any plans for bringing this into the core to help us Europeans out?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Improving taxes is definitely on our roadmap - for now, there are a few different work arounds. This one seems to be the better approach, although it won't display in the email receipt:

    Although, thinking out loud, if you're on 1.0 - you could pretty easily put the total tax amount on the checkout into a hidden field that would be passed through to the receipt - and using Twig templates you could then grab that information and display it on the receipt and on the email receipt as well.
  • Hi Adam

    Thanks for that link. However, how do I deal with 2 different tax bands? I've two categories of products which have their own tax rate each?

    Not sure about your second suggestion as that still implies that tax is ADDED TO the sales amount whereas it's included in it, so unless I'm misunderstanding it, that won't work. However, the first option looks interesting if I can make it work with the 2 categories/tax rates? Thanks for your help.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    So you'd just change the way the tax is calculated - rather than just taking the total figure and getting the tax from that, you'd loop through all of your products, create the total cost for the two categories and calculate the tax as required.

    The second part wasn't actually a separate suggestion - but rather a way to also display your calculated tax included amount on the email receipt. As I mentioned, that snippet I linked to won't display in email receipts - so if you wanted to do that, the second part of my previous post could achieve it. It wouldn't be adding in the tax to the cost of the checkout - but rather just saving the amount of included tax into the customers transaction.
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