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Applying custom discount

stasdavydovstasdavydov Member
in Help edited November 2012

I can't understand how to configure discount for my case.

I need to apply special discount if user put into cart:
1) Any product (at least one) from category A (all products from this category has one price $79.95).
2) One specific product from category B (price is $29.85).
3) One specific product from category C (price is $12.95).
In summary these three prudcts costs $122.75, but when they all are in the cart, their price should be $99.95 in sum.

I didn't find how to configure this case with discount calculator (
How this discount can be applied?
Can the discount be configured by foxycart fields parameters, or I should adjust it somehow by API?

Thank you in advance for help!

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