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How would I know if a subscriber updates their details in FC?

megasteve4megasteve4 Member
in Help edited December 2012

I have a FC subscription set up - using V1.0

I know a subscriber can update their details (via the update details link in receipt email for example).

Can someone please clarify the only way I would find out about this is when the next 'Transaction' data-feed is sent?

Or for that matter if I did some API wizardry to check records against what I have or for a last updated date (or equivalent if it exists?)

The reason I ask is through wanting to keep a completely sync'ed user record in my CMS that matches the FC one.

Also I have based a lot of my user system on a unique email address (as have you I believe) and am I still right in thinking that the only way to update this in FC at the moment is via the API?

Thanks in advance.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    So if you're syncing users between FoxyCart and your site - are you also syncing logins? Or just user details?

    If you're syncing logins - you should take a look at our SSO functionality, which overviews how to keep things in sync between your site and FoxyCart both through changes on your site and changes on FoxyCart's end. Details on that here:

    In terms of just keeping up to date with FoxyCart's changes, if a customer completes an updateinfo checkout, that will trigger the XML transaction datafeed in the same way that a normal transaction will. You can just parse that on your end and make sure your local records are up to date.
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