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Improvement of Foxycart's checkout flow

dannyfoodannyfoo Member
in General edited September 2007
I personally feel Foxycart's checkout flow could use some improvement. Though it's great that I could just start by entering my email if I've no current account, I noticed Step 3 and Step 4 resides quite low on the browser. And when there's the insertion of "where did you hear about us", it breaks the flow even more.

I was just wondering if the flow would be improved in future. Or maybe I'm just too use to the conventional checkout process. Well, just wanted to let you guys know.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited September 2007
    Hi dannyfoo.
    Thanks for the comments. We're always looking at ways to improve. A few questions though:

    Which checkout are you looking at? The "where did you hear about us" isn't part of the default checkout code, so we can't vouch for that.

    When you say "checkout flow", do you mean the design or the functionality/usability? (They're obviously related, but different at the same time.)

    If you mean "design", which is what I think you mean, the answer is, "Yes, you can improve it yourself pretty easily." The entire checkout can be tweaked to match just about any design you want to achieve, including shrinking things to fit above the fold. If you have a design that you'd like it to match, and you know your way around CSS, most anything should be possible. If something's not possible, let us know.

    So as far as the design goes, you can make it whatever you want. If you're talking specifically about the red/gray "standard" theme, let us know what you'd like to see improved. It does indeed have a decent amount of whitespace in it, so I suppose it could be tightened up a bit.

    If you mean functionality/usability...
    We've taken a relatively new approach to the checkout process, generally called a "one page checkout". It's fairly uncommon, but has been shown to improve conversions considerably. (I think Volusion has some numbers to back that up.) We've taken this a step further by eliminating the typical confusion between the "new versus returning user" selection that you have to make at 99.99% of etailers out there. We see no reason that the customer should have to decide whether or not they're a returning user; it just doesn't make sense, and confuses me (not that I'm super smart or anything, but I do spend a fair amount of time dealing with ecommerce ;) ).

    With the one page checkout approach, there's clearly more information to display than with a multi-page checkout, so some of it is going to fall below the fold (offscreen so you have to scroll to it). Will we ever do a multi-page checkout? Probably not, though with some clever use of javascript you might be able to fake it if you wanted to. You could perhaps address that problem with a modified design (as mentioned above). We'd love to find an elegant way to address this issue.

    We also try to have as good a "flow" as possible by having all error checking happen automatically, immediately on error. Shipping rates are calculated immediately without a page reload. We've really tried to have the best checkout flow that the world has ever seen ;), so if you have ideas to improve it, we'd absolutely love to know!
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