Subscriptions - which gateways do not require CSC for recurring billing?

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in Help edited December 2012
Hi all,

There's this in subscriptions Wiki:
By default, most gateways require the CSC to be sent with the payment details. Because storing the CSC is prohibited per PCI DSS, FoxyCart sends the subscription transactions without the CSC. If your gateway is set to require the CSC, the transaction will fail, effectively rendering FoxyCart's subscription functionality useless.

Does anyone have a list of gateways that WORK without CSC? In other words, with what gateway(s) you've successfully implemented FoxyCart submissions?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Essentially, unless it's specifically noted on our wiki for a given gateway, each gateway will support subscriptions with FoxyCart. Some gateways include a setting you can change to prevent the requirement of CSC - and that should be noted as well:
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