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Easy way to apply 6 months free subs to new subscribers on a rolling monthly re-billing?

megasteve4megasteve4 Member
in Help edited December 2012
Hi I have a subs system set up and need to go live this weekend. Have just had conversation with client regarding discounting / coupons....

Note -
= Version 1.0
= I am going straight to checkout so no cart
= My sub has tax but no delivery
= Looking for easiest implementation

Ultimately what I want to achieve is a monthly subscription. But the subscriber can be given a code that allows for the first six months free at which point the payment will kick in and then they will pay full price each month thereafter.

I was disappointed to find that coupon code is not on the check out with out a lot of apparently complicated JS.

I am happy to add the coupon code in at the link stage (pre checkout - no cart) which I understand to be possible.

So what is the easiest way to implement this?

1) Set up coupon
2) add paramiter to link (read this somewhere cart=checkout&coupon=mycouponcode&...)

This way don't need to worry about adding coupon field to the checkout.

But to he honest no idea how to set up that coupon... I found the docs a bit complicated and not much reference to reoccurring subscriptions.

ANY help greatly appreciated!!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    So you're going to run into a couple issues here. First, as you noted - that there isn't a coupon entry field on the checkout. That JS does work though, but you'll still run into issue 2

    That is, that we don't yet have true X uses per customer for a single code. By that I mean you provide 1 code to everyone, and everyone can only use that code individually X times.

    Essentially with a subscription, to allow it to only be used on the first 6 months, you'd need to set the number of uses to 6. That way, when the 7th renewal comes around, it's no longer valid and they'll pay full price.

    So the only way to achieve this with a coupon would be to issue a unique coupon code to each customer who wants to take advantage of the offer. If that's a possibility, you could provide a coupon text input in your add to cart for the customer to enter in their unique code.

    The other approach you could take would be to have your own coupon code setup on your add to cart form - and if the code entered is valid, then you modify the add to cart to set the subscription start date 6 months into the future. Pay $0 today, and only start paying in 6 months.
  • @fc_adam, Thanks for the quick detailed answer.

    To be honest rather than people organically finding the site this is probably going to be 'sales' driven as in site owner actively contacts potential subscribers initially.

    So as a quick fix and in reference to your last point I could just add a subs start date to a link he sends them - I know I need to test but would it work approx as below?

    1) They would click it and be shown the checkout as normal
    2) The start date of 6 months time would be displayed
    3) On submission a successful transaction would be fired but take no funds (Including the transaction datafeed ? I would need this to create a user record in my site?)
    4) Then on the subscription start date (6 months away) a second transaction would be fired that would actually take the funds for first paid month?

    Is that along the right lines?

    Thanks for your help so far.
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    @megasteve4 that would work very well. The datafeed would fire on both events.

    Another option, which would be just a little bit more complicated, would be to use the cart to allow the user to enter a coupon and set the coupon as a $0 coupon. Then use the SSO stage to check the cart to see if the coupon exists. You could then remove the product and re-add it starting in 6 months. (You could remove the coupon at that stage too to keep things clean and neat.) Then redirect the user to the checkout.
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